Vita Hospital

Vita is the first private multiprofile Hospital in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Established and operational since 1992. With 2 buildings in the city and a capacity of over 200 beds. Vita is one of the most renowned private Hospitals in the country, offering first-grade healthcare for almost 30 years to both Bulgarian as well as international patients. The doctors at our clinic are all highly qualified from the best universities across Europe and also practiced their craft at other European clinics and institutions, making them the backbone of our Hospital. Which carries out operations in the areas of: orthophedics, plastic surgery, bariatric and metabolic surgery, gynecology, general surgery etc. Our Hospital also has one of the best Fertility Centers in the country, the Vita In Vitro Center.

The Hospital employs specialists in over 30 areas of modern medicine, which are working in state of the art facilities, with the latest in medical equipment. With over 120 beds, we provide the patient with an option for a private room or even a luxury studio apartment overlooking the mountains.

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is the surgical treatment of morbid obesity. This type of surgery is the future to fight obesity and type 2 diabetes.The method is related to drastic weight loss, thus improving and in many cases healing the related diseases associated with obesity. These diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asthma and other respiratory disorders, arthritis, cholesterol problems, fatty liver, etc. In the cases of high degree of obesity, subjection to such a type of surgical intervention leads to reduction of general lethality as well. Thus the definition of “metabolic surgery” is boosted. Vita hospital has performed many surgeries of this type, with a brilliant success rate and customer satisfaction. We also held a bariatric symposium in 2019 with world renowned bariatric operator and chief physician at the Sachsenhausen Hospital in Frankfurt Plamen Staikov M.D. as the honored guest.


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