Professor Lyudmila Ivanova - Dietologist

1979 - Graduates Medical university in Sofia, Bulgaria
1986 - Specialty in nutrition and dietetics, as well as hygiene toxicology
1992 - Defends a dissertation on the topic: Experimental studies on the effect of combined supplementation of calcium and zinc in cadmium intoxication. She has conducted specializations at the Center for Disease Control in the USA, Jagiellonian University in Poland, Karolinska University, Center Novum.
2004 - 2007 Works as a nutrition expert for UNICEF Ukraine

2007 – Associate Professor in “Neofit Rilski” University in Blagoevgrad and Professor in the Medical faculty of “Sv. Kliment Ohridski” University.

Professor Ivanova is fluent in English, German and Russian

Prof. Lyudmila Ivanova has been part of the VITA DCC team since March 2022. She is a specialist in nutrition and dietetics with over 42 years of medical experience. Applies diet therapy to adult patients and children with various chronic diseases, after operative interventions and states of nutritional deficiency. Develops individual nutritional regimens, to reduce body weight and improve nutritional status, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome. We also work with patients, without health problems and with pregnant women, to establish a healthy eating model, consistent with physical activity and physiological state.

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