Dr. Zhenya Georgieva - Gastroenterologist

Dr. Zhenya Georgieva is a specialist gastroenterologist in Sofia. 
Her professional interests are focused in the area of ultrasound diagnostics and manipulations under ultrasound control. 
Performs diagnostic and therapeutic upper and lower endoscopy, Botulinum Toxin Stomach Injections for Weight Loss

She graduated from the Medical University of Plovdv in 2008. 
She has Gastroenterology specialty in 2017 at the Medical Academy under the guidance of Prof. Katzarov and Prof. Handzhiev.

Member of the Bulgarian Medical Union;
Participation in national and international congresses and seminars in the specialty.
Dr. Georgieva worked in medical facilities in Plovdiv and Pazardzhik. Since 2015,she has been working in the Department of Interventional Gastroenterology at Tokuda Hospital Sofia. 
Since July 2022, she has been part of the team of specialists at MBAL Vita.

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